5 Jul 2017

IF (digitisation, culture) INSERT ‘AND’ instead of ‘VERSUS’

By | 2017-07-07T14:13:48+00:00 5 July 2017|Blog Post|

The Oxford English Dictionary defines digitisation as the conversation of text, pictures or sound into a digital form that can be processed by a computer. The word refers to a process of transforming something that’s analogue [...]

8 Jun 2017

Digital Asset Management Interview: Stephen McConnachie, Head of Data, BFI

By | 2017-06-08T02:03:33+00:00 8 June 2017|Interview, Video|

Stephen discusses the BFI's approach to digital asset management. The BFI uses its CMS in conjunction with a digital preservation system to manage born digital moving image assets and moving image assets digitised [...]

7 Jun 2017

Digitisation Interview: Chezkie Kasnett, Digital Projects Manager, National Library of Israel

By | 2017-06-07T00:14:01+00:00 7 June 2017|Interview, Video|

Chezkie speaks about the National Library of Israel's approach to digitisation. He covers the challenges of prioritising digitisation between different collections, digitising special and unusual material and finding the right technology. He describes [...]

6 Jun 2017

Digital Asset Management Interview: Mark Pajak, Head of Digital, Bristol Museums

By | 2017-06-08T11:28:51+00:00 6 June 2017|Interview, Video|

Mark discusses Bristol Museums' approach to digital asset management. Bristol Museums provides all staff, from front of house to conservation, with access to digital assets. To increase both the ease with which staff [...]

6 Jun 2017

Collections Move Interview: Malcolm Chapman, Head of Collections Management, The Hunterian

By | 2017-06-06T23:33:42+00:00 6 June 2017|Interview, Video|

Malcolm discusses The Hunterian's project to relocate collections to a multi-purpose storage and teaching facility. The aims of the move are to increase teaching and research use of the museum's collections and to improve [...]