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Our market leading position has been achieved by people with the expertise to design, build, implement and support the very best collections management solutions for Archives, Libraries and Museums

Many of our people have been involved with collections management for over three decades; many more have ten or twenty years’ experience. All this collective knowledge is shared with our newcomers who bring with them fresh ideas and perspectives. The majority of our people are tertiary qualified, and we actively recruit those with first-hand experience working in Archives, Libraries or Museums.

We are the world’s largest and most experienced team of professionals dedicated to collections management software solutions.

It is not only our expertise that feeds into the evolution of our collections management solutions however. We work closely with industry and other bodies such as Collections Trust, Europeana, ICOM, UNESCO, Danish Museums Association, Museums Association (UK) and other museum organisations around the world to ensure that our solutions reflect industry standards and world’s best practice in collections management.

We collaborate with our customers. Our client base is the largest and most diverse of its kind in the world and it holds a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our customers are collections professionals and we involve them in the development of our products. We actively solicit their opinions at our annual user conferences in Australasia, Europe, the Middle East and North America, in forums, in responses to discussion and white papers, and directly through our support channels. We listen to our clients and learn from them and we feed our findings into R&D.

Working hand in hand with these collections professionals our solutions far exceed anything described by even the most comprehensive standards.