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The US Army Heritage and Education Center aims to bring the full story of the US Army to life with Axiell

13 feb 2018
Axiell, the leading cultural software vendor to museums, archives, and libraries today announces that it has been selected by The US Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC) to provide software solutions for their archive, library, museum and digital asset collections management, as well as the public discovery interface.
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The Mary Rose Trust selects Axiell to manage its collection of artefacts

26 okt 2017
Manchester, UK, 26 October 2017 – Axiell, the leading vendor globally of collections management software to archives and museums, today...
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The South Carolina State Museum partners with Axiell to manage its rich and diverse collections

11 okt 2017
Chicago, United States, October 11, 2017 – Axiell, the leading vendor globally of collections management software to archives, libraries and...
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Museums accelerate implementation of digital strategies, making more content available online and on-site to improve visitor experiences

28 jun 2017
New research finds widespread investment in digital-engagement tactics, ‘digital transformation is afoot’;  next steps point toward improvement, integration Lund, Sweden,...
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Axiell launches Digital Asset Management solution for museums and archives

15 mei 2017
New solution improves collaboration between marketing and collections departments for digital assets Lund, Sweden, 4 May 2017 –  Axiell, the...
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Digitisation is a priority for 86% of collections institutions

14 mrt 2017
Focus is on volunteers and crowdsourcing to accelerate digitisation strategies, reveals new Axiell research Manchester, UK, 14 March 2017 –...
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Norman Rockwell Museum selects Axiell solution

23 jan 2017
Norman Rockwell Museum selects Axiell solution to manage its extensive art and archive collection for renowned artist Chicago, United States,...
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Axiell chosen to manage cross-country collections systems

16 jan 2017
National heritage agency brings multiple cultural resource information systems into one standardised system Toronto, Canada, 16 January 2017 – Axiell's...
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The Swedish History Museum makes largest Viking Age collection globally accessible with Axiell

09 jan 2017
Axiell solution drives digitisation project for landmark Scandinavian cultural collection Manchester, UK, 9 January 2017 – Axiell, the leading vendor...
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Axiell partners with CLIR to create the Digital Library of the Middle East

19 dec 2016
Collaboration based on a mutual vision for preserving cultural heritage, enhancing research and creating teaching and learning environments Lund, Sweden, 19...
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Axiell launches solution for web based collections management

16 nov 2016
Solution sets new standards for accessibility and collaboration for museums and archives globally Lund, Sweden, 16 November 2016 –  Axiell,...
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Axiell acquires Gold Systems, Inc. division to strengthen offering in the Vital Records market

19 okt 2016
Asset acquisition furthers Axiell industry expertise with key relationships and cutting edge technology enabling a leading position in North America...
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Colonial Williamsburg Foundation selects Axiell as partner

07 sep 2016
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation selects Axiell as partner to develop archaeological research and collections management database Toronto, Canada, 7 September 2016 -...
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Axiell acquires Mobydoc and solidifies position as number one in collections management

24 mei 2016
The new entity Axiell France positioned to be the leading partner to museums, archives and libraries in France Lund, Sweden,...
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Axiell gathers 250 museum and archives experts at the Museum of Science and Industry

20 mei 2016
Manchester, UK, 2-3 June 2016 – Axiell, the leading collections management software vendor to museums, libraries and archives globally, will...
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