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Mimsy XG

Mimsy XG has been managing the collections of small private collectors through to large national institutions for more than 20 years

An easy to use collections management software solution, Mimsy XG is known for its simple implementation and user led development. It has a particular strength in cultural history and multi-disciplinary collections.

Its strong cross-platform capabilities make it a natural fit for mixed Mac OSX and Windows environments. Amongst its many users are the National Museum of American History, the Australian War Memorial, the Science Museum Group (UK), and the National Gallery of Canada [view Mimsy XG clients].

View the Mimsy XG Brochure for details: Mimsy XG

  • Mimsy XG is designed to support cataloguing of diverse collections. Whether you manage archives, natural history specimens, historical artefacts, fine arts, or a combination of these and more, Mimsy XG provides a simple interface that displays the appropriate fields for each type of collection.
  • Mimsy XG integrates your collections management data with thematic content. By creating a framework of interesting stories linked to your collection you build the base for a welcoming web presence and dynamic learning environment.
  • Save search criteria and groups of records for later use. Recent searches, updated and watched groups are a click away on the quick-access sidebar.
  • Conservators can enter data directly in fields or link searchable documents detailing treatment descriptions. All Conservation media is managed separately from objects so that data is secure and only appears to appropriate staff.
  • Store information about physical buildings, including temperature and light levels. Facilities reports can be accessed at the click of a button.
  • System Administrators can easily protect secure information. Data protection options include hiding fields from certain users, restricting update access to others, and allowing Power users to override certain data validation settings. Other security features include filtering out sensitive records from certain groups of users, building custom security roles, and granting write access to certain records and read access to others.
  • Associating media with any type of record is as simple as dragging and dropping media onto the Mimsy XG screen. A link is automatically created and users can instantly open the digital image, document, audio, or video file. Drag and drop functionality is integrated into all areas of the system.
  • Reporting is simple, and any of our more than 100 standard reports can be customised easily for your institution.
  • Visit the Mimsy XG Support site for more details.
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