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Why choose an Axiell solution?

More than 3400 Archives, Libraries and Museums have chosen to manage their collections with our software. We are the leading provider of collections management software solutions and our market leading position makes us a secure, sustainable and stable partner for your institution.

Adopting an Axiell solution is an investment in your institution’s future. We have the experience, expertise and resources to provide the very best collections management solutions for today and fit for tomorrow.

A best fit solution

To meet the needs of customers across the spectrum of collecting institutions we offer a suite of products, each with strengths, qualities and features which suit certain types of collection and institution. This allows us to provide a best fit solution for every one of our customers no matter their size or the size and type of their collection.

With four products available we tailor a solution to a customer’s needs rather than depending on a one-size-fits-all solution.

So why choose Axiell?

We have a solution to meet your collection management needs.

And we have the global reach, the expertise and the resources to support your collections management needs now and into the future.

These are exciting times for us and for our customers. We are The Number 1 in Collections Management Technology and growth has provided greater opportunities to pursue R&D, to innovate and evolve our collections management solutions for the benefit of our customers.

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