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The Number 1 For
Collections Management Technology

More than 3400 institutions in over 55 countries use an Axiell Collections Management System

Here’s Why

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The Most Sophisticated Solutions On The Market

Customer Driven Development

Our ongoing development is driven by the needs of our 3400+ customers. Our staff combined have hundreds of years of experience in the museums and cultural sectors. We understand the opportunities and challenges which shape your needs.

Range of Products

No other company has both the depth and breadth of expertise that we do, which means you get all the tailored functionality you’d expect from a niche solutions supplier and benefit from functionality developed for a much wider pool of customers.

Technical Capability

Innovative, sophisticated and advanced solutions which have been evolving for over 30 years.

Technical Expertise

The technical expertise of five leading systems – Adlib, Calm, EMu, Mimsy XG and Mobydoc – combined in one business.

Tailored Solutions

Solutions tailored to offer you as much or as little functionality as you need.

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The Market Leader For Collections Management

Secure Future

As market leader, we have a secure future and are continuously growing. Once you’ve chosen us as a partner, we’re here to support you for the long run.

International Presence

We have 24 offices around the globe with a multitude of language skills. And we are still growing.

Business Areas

Axiell also provides technology services to Public Libraries & Education, which enables us to facilitate collaboration between different sectors with shared goals.

Standards Supported

We adhere to most archival, museum and library standards.

Mission Driven

Our primary mission is to provide solutions that enable and support our customers to achieve their goal to preserve, share and shape our cultural heritage.

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The Axiell Support Network 

Comprehensive Support

Our support teams are technically skilled and available to support you. Whether you need support using the system or would like the system tailored for you, we can help.

Real Relationships

We’re a big company that used to be five small ones. We’ve held on to the personal touch and we build strong relationships with our customers. We stay close to our customers to ensure we’re always delivering. Listen to what some of our customers have to say about us.

Number Of Customers

Our 3400+ customers have a combined collections expertise and knowledge second to none.

Range Of Customers

From Natural History collections to Film Archives, our huge range of customers means we always know someone facing similar challenges to you.

Building Our User Community

We facilitate communication within our user community, online and through user conferences to ensure you benefit from being part of the Axiell community.

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