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Collections Management Systems

Flexible solutions designed to handle a range of collection types

Our collections management systems allow you to effectively manage the needs of your entire collection: research and analyze your collections, easily manage exhibitions, events & loans, preserve and protect your collections, make your collections accessible online & effectively digitize your collections

Our collections management software is used by all sizes and types of museum, from small, local and specialist museums to some of the world’s largest and most prestigious museums and heritage sites, including the Egyptian MuseumNational Museum of Australia and National WWII Museum.

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Museum Collections Management Systems On Mac, iPhone and iPad

Manage Your Multi-discipline Collections

  • Catalogue to international museum and archival standards.
  • Store and link a wide variety of multimedia and text files.
  • Ensure consistency of Authority Terms by linking to external thesauri or people databases through Linked Open Data.
  • Perform simple keyword searches through to expert searches.
  • Support workflows for accessioning and loans.
  • Manage exact physical locations using hierarchies of locations.
  • Generate and store relevant legal and rights information.
  • Create flexible reports to monitor data quantity, quality and trends.

Increase Engagement With Your Collections

Museum Collections Management Systems On Mac, iPhone and iPad

Publish your collections
online through your website

Make digitised images, documents, video and
audio files available online 

Publish collections directly to
Google to increase your SEO

Easily find, group and shortlist collections for upcoming exhibitions

Increase The Efficiency Of Your Digitisation Projects

Build simple Rapid Data Entry forms and digitisation workflows

Build reports to monitor data entry and digitisation statistics

Import data from multiple sources, including Excel and CSV

Use data cleaning tools to bulk update records to create consistent data

Preserve & Protect Your Collections

Create workflows to manage the conservation process

Document conditions and the conservation process and manage associated images

Manage and track internal and external movements, including specific transport requirements

Store full audit trails of record changes and access

What Our Customers Say

Wilhelm Lagercrantz, National Historical Museums Sweden, Axiell Interview, Adlib

How the National Museums of Sweden plan to make their collections more accessible 

“A lot of museums think they are so unique, instead of trying to find a common ground with other museums. The idea now is to move away from a tailor-made system and instead move into a system that is shared with other museums. And I think that even if you have unique knowledge and unique collections, still the needs are quite similar.”

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Maritime Painting from the Collection of the National Maritime Museum, Mimsy XG User

How the National Maritime Museum creates engagement with their collections online and in the Museum

A few years ago, the Museum set a cardinal direction towards the future, which has virtually doubled visitor numbers.

One of the main objectives has been to make the diversity of the collections more visible and accessible in the Museum and online.

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Paula DeStefano, Associate Registrar &
Julia Hofer, Registration Database Specialist
Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library

“For Curators, Conservators, Registrars, it’s a great way to coordinate between the three groups as to what’s going on with an object. It benefits you in so many ways, it really improves your work and you can accomplish so much more.”

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