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Natural History
Collections Management Systems

Expertly manage your complex natural history and scientific collections 

Natural History Collections Management Systems designed to handle a range of scientifically significant collection types including Palaeontology, Botany, Anthropology, Mineralogy, Entomology, Mammalogy and Zoology.

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Functionality Designed For Managing Natural History Collections

  • Manage specimen and lot based collections.
  • Manage complex taxonomies and synonymies.
  • Pre-populate or create bespoke taxonomy and identification terms.
  • Manage site and event data, including permits, instances, site mapping and field notes.
  • Manage destructive and non-destructive loans.
  • Manage and track preparation and tissue samples.
  • Manage preparations as separate records related to specimens.
  • Manage and track pest and trap information.

Raise The Profile Of Your Collections Online

Publish your collections
online through your website

Make digitised images, documents, video and
audio files available online 

 Publish plot distributions 
and trends

Publish collections directly to
Google to increase your SEO

Conduct Powerful & Meaningful Research

Search by scientific name, specimen type, item number, taxonomy and synonymies

Perform broad collection analysis using the Collection Level Index

Plot distributions, use GIS searching tools and conduct in-depth analysis

Participate in global and regional initiatives such as GBIF, iDigBio, Vertnet, etc.

Increase The Efficiency Of Your Digitisation Projects

Build simple Rapid Data Entry forms and digitisation workflows

Build reports to monitor data entry and digitisation statistics

Import data from multiple sources, including Excel and CSV

Use data cleaning tools to bulk update records to create consistent data

What Our Customers Say

Larry Gall, Head, Computer Systems Office
Informatics Manager, Entomology
Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

“The staff [at Axiell] seem to have a particular affinity for user needs and responsiveness to users. There seem to be a core number of individuals in the company who understand natural history. Having those relations with the staff over many years is a key part for us.”

Interior of the Natural History Museum London,EMu Collections Management User

How the Natural History Museum manages 80 million specimens

NHM has a global reputation in scientific research and many outside researchers are given space at the institution to examine the specimens. A great deal of material is also lent to, and digitally shared with, an extensive network of museums and scientific institutions all over the world.

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Barbara M. Thiers, Director of the William & Lynda Steere Herbarium
New York Botanical Garden

“We work very hard at building, editing and sharing our database, and are continually challenged to make the process more efficient and comprehensive. We find that the folks at Axiell are as determined as we are to meet these challenges, and we feel privileged to have them our partner in this work.”

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