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Private & Corporate Collections

Solutions designed to help you protect the value of your collections

Our collections management systems are used in some of the largest and most prestigious museums in the world; when you adopt one of our systems, you benefit from professional grade collections management tailored to the needs of private institutions and collectors.

Our systems enable you to monitor, access and care for your collections expertly, and to value and insure your collections appropriately. Our systems manage the collections of many private collectors as well as corporate collections, including  BAE Systems,  Boots,  De Nederlandsche Bank  and  Diageo.

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Store, Manage & Monitor Your Collections

  • Store a range of images, documents and multimedia files associated with your collections.
  • Store and manage all your collections in a single, easy to use collections management system.
  • Catalogue to international museum and archival standards.
  • Perform simple keyword searches through to expert searches.
  • Document, categorise and monitor the condition of your objects.
  • Track movements and locations of objects with ease.
  • Generate and store legal and rights information.
  • Enable loans for temporary exhibitions in museums and galleries.

Publish Or Sell Assets Online

Publish your collections
online through your website

Integrate with e-commerce systems to monetise your assets

Track and analyse the use of your collections online

Publish collections directly to Google to increase your SEO

Manage rights and assigned licenses

Protect The Value Of Your Collections

Store high quality collections information and precise valuations

Link to publicly available information sources and auction houses

Ensure accurate data for fair insurance premiums

Manage rights of use and legal documentation

Preserve & Protect Your Collections

Create workflows to manage the conservation process

Document conditions and the conservation process and manage associated images

Manage and track internal and external movements, including specific transport requirements

Store full audit trails of record changes and access

Manage user permissions and authority

What Our Customers Say About Our Systems

Beth Ellis, Curator of Digital Collections and Web Editor, P&O Heritage

“It’s been a really good, functional, stable system for us and it’s got a good support system. We’ve been working with the same core team since we started and they’re still working on it now so it gives you that trust element. They know our database really well, and they know us really well.”

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Vienna Technical Museum Collection Archive Image Coffee Samples

Vienna Technical Museum opens up its object and archive database

A collection archive hidden behind closed doors and accessible only to a select group of experts is now a thing of the past where the Vienna Technical Museum is concerned.  90% of the approximately 160,000 collection items can now be accessed from the Museum website.

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Suzanne Keyte, Archivist, Royal Albert Hall

“We had a lot of information that we needed to store in a very logical way and we wanted to make that available to the public. For the first time in the Hall’s 140 year history it was the first time we were able to make that history public.”

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