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Why do you have several different collections management systems?

Axiell ALM grew by acquiring five leading Collections Management Systems: AdlibCalmEMuMimsy and Mobydoc.

For many years these systems were in competition, each with a loyal customer base and a program of development tailored towards the requirements of those customers. As a result, each system has developed particular strengths and specialities. Now the experts from all five of these companies work together to create new technologies and improve all our systems.

Which should I choose?

The ideal system for your institution and collection will depend on the type and size of your collection, number of staff, specific features you require, and more. With five systems available we are able to match your institution and collection to the perfect solution.

We know our technology inside out and we will work closely with you to help you decide which system is best suited to your collections management needs. So the best way to find out which one is right for you is to get in touch.

Are you planning to continue to service all of the systems?

Yes. We are committed to ongoing support of all of our systems and to developing new technologies to benefit all of our users.

What’s the development plan moving forwards?

We are working on APIs and connections between all our systems which will enable us to make technology from each system available to our whole customer base. We are also developing common technologies, such as Axiell DAMS, which work with all the back end systems. The goal is to harness the most useful functionality from each system to increase what we can offer all our customers.

You can watch a presentation about the development plan here.