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Axiell Collections Web UI

Web Based Interface

Axiell Collections Web UI is a free add on which enables you to access our world leading collections management systems through your web browser

Axiell Collections on Desktop, Laptop and Tablet

Web-based Access For Collections Management

  • Work with your collections data anytime, anywhere through a web browser.
  • Enable even inexperienced users to access data through an easy to use, modern interface.
  • Facilitate data entry directly into your CMS from anywhere in the world.
  • Axiell Collections Web UI is a free add-on to our collections management systems.

Work With Your Data Anytime, Anywhere Through A Web Browser

Axiell Collections Web UI works on PCs, Macs and Tablets

Axiell Collections on Laptop and Tablet

Check and edit object information in real time

Access insights and information when you need it

Work remotely and access your data

Harness The Power Of Volunteers & Crowdsourcing

Enable easy to use data entry from any location

Allow worldwide contributors to input data directly to your CMS

Personalise individual views and layouts to create clean and simple workflows

Intuitive interface, easy for even inexperienced users

Less reliance on hardware, volunteers can use their own devices

Axiell Collections Screenshot on Laptop

Axiell Collections Web UI  Is A Free Add on That Works With Axiell’s Collections Management Systems


Available now


Available now


Coming Soon

Mimsy XG

Mimsy XG

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

How Do I Get Axiell Collections Web UI?

Existing Customers 

Existing Adlib and Calm customers can implement Axiell Collections Web UI by contacting your Axiell Support desk. EMu and Mimsy XG customers will be alerted through the Customer newsletter when v2 is available for implementation.

You can view our existing versions for Adlib and Calm.

New Customers 

If you are buying Adlib or Calm, please ask for Axiell Collections Web UI to be installed as part of your implementation. If you are buying EMu, Mimsy or any of the Mobydoc products, the option to implement Axiell Collections Web UI will be made available to you when v2 becomes available.

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