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Axiell DAMS: A Digital Asset Management System For Museums & Archives

Axiell DAMS provides simple, user-friendly access to the digital media stored in your collections management system, and to the full range of digital media (such as marketing collateral and other digital files) across your organisation.

Designed to meet the needs of both marketing and collections departments, Axiell DAMS allows you to leverage your digital assets to raise awareness of your collections and institution.

Axiell DAMS facilitates the efficient and secure sharing of digital media within  an organisation, and supports the protection, preservation and management of digital assets.

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Share Digital Assets Within Your Organisation

Access the full range of digital assets in your collections database

Include all your marketing digital assets in the DAMS

Access your DAMS through any browser on tablets, laptops, PCs and Macs

Manage over 100 file types for images, video, audio and documents

Marketing Teams Can Access A Wealth Of Digital Media With Ease …

Axiell DAMS Search and Detail Screens
Axiell DAMS - Object Search Results Screen on Laptop

Locate Assets To Match Your Needs

  • Search the full collections database by a range of criteria.
  • Filter and refine results to narrow your search.
  • Easily and flexibly add tags to your assets.

Ensure Assets Are Fit For Purpose

  • Access collections data to understand the context of the asset.
  • Zoom, pan and rotate in high resolution to study image details.
  • Watch or listen to video and audio files before download.

Store, Group And Retrieve Assets

  • Save groups of assets in image banks for future access.
  • Access recently added / viewed assets from quick lists.
  • View similar or related assets from recommendations.

Ensure Adherence To Usage Rights

  • Populate assets with usage / rights information directly from collections records.
  • Easily find the assets you have permission to use: search by usage permissions.

… And Easily Share Marketing Materials To Ensure Brand Consistency 

Axiell DAMS - Upload Drag and Drop Screen

Upload new assets using drag and drop or browse files

Users can download individual files or groups of files

Files can be shared by sending direct links to digital assets

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DAMS Mockup

Ensure The Preservation & Protection Of Your Digital Assets

Manage Digital Assets To Industry Standards

Manage both born digital and high quality reproductions to OAIS standards

Manage User Permissions

Maintain the integrity of your digital assets by staying in control of user access rights

Maintain Collections Data Integrity

Retain your own tagging and coding systems in your collections management system and allow other departments to add additional tags in the DAMS

Implement Digital Preservation Strategies

Monitor and report on bit-rot and manage mass file type conversions

Monitor & Report On Your Digital Collections

Analyse and report on your digital assets by building bespoke and automated reports

Manage Ingestion Easily & Accurately

Ingest metadata, create derivatives and proxies and create workflows to support digitisation

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Interview with Rosie Forrest, Collections Systems Manager at Imperial War Museums

“I really enjoy working with Axiell. There’s a fantastic team of developers. They’ve really worked hard to understand our systems and our needs; I feel like we have a really good relationship with them.”

IWM Duxford DAMS

Imperial War Museums Digital Asset Management Case Study

Imperial War Museums (IWM) has over 33 million unique items in its collection, with over 23,000 hours of film material and hundreds of thousands of photographs, and this is increasing daily.


Why we built Axiell DAMS and what it can do for you

Alex Fell, Deputy Head of R&D, shares the story of how Axiell DAMS came to be developed, how it can bridge the gap between marketing and collections departments, and demonstrates the system and its functionality.

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