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Axiell Move

Manage Object Movements

Axiell Move enables you to manage object movements quickly and accurately with an iPhone and barcode scanning

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Accurate Locations Data With Minimum Manual Data Entry

Scan Barcodes With An iPhone Or iPad

Update object locations and logistics information in your collections management system using an iPhone or iPad camera as a scanner

Access Your Collections Data On Location

Scan object barcodes to review descriptions, images, care instructions and insurance information about the object or package in front of you

Document Packing / Unpacking of Objects

Document the packing of objects or smaller packages into larger containers, as well as capturing details when objects are unpacked

Update Object Locations Data In Real Time

Register items (crates, boxes and any unpacked objects) as they arrive, even for temporary locations, ensuring the accuracy and security of your collections

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What our customers say

Autry Museum of the American West

Autry Museum of the American West

In 2003, the Autry Museum of the American West and Southwest Museum of the American Indian merged, bringing the size of the collections to over half a million items. By 2005 it was decided to rehouse a major portion of these collections.

Traditionally, museum staff had used a manual process of noting each object move in written form and entering this information into the database later. This method was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. The multi-year and multi-faceted collections project became the driver for the museum to seek out and implement an effective and flexible technology-based solution that would save time and reduce errors in keeping track of inventories.

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Interview: New Orleans Museum of Art

“Just being able to scan, it took so much less time than manually typing or creating handwritten lists. By the end of the day we had moved about 22,283 items (…) If we had had to write all of that down and then upload it into the database, it would have taken so many more hours and so many more people.”

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Vienna Technical Museum

TMW has several large depots as the museum possesses many more items than can be exhibited: only about ten percent of the museum’s 160,000 objects are on show. In mid 2017 the rental agreement for one of its depots was due to expire and TWM needed to find a new location for many large transport objects stored there, including cars, motorbikes and bicycles, but also other heavy items such as locomotives, a printing line and gliders.

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