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Why Buy A CMS System?

Manage Your Institution

Save Money

Save on internal and external costs of managing multiple systems and processes

Save Time

Increase the efficiency of your collections management processes

Make Informed Decisions

Create a centralised source of information for easier access to the information you need

Ensure Sustainability

Ensure the sustainability of your collections by investing in your collections management infrastructure

Care For Your Collections

Better Care Of Collections

Ensure the best possible care of your collections for future generations

Adhere To Standards

Qualify for accreditation and funding by ensuring you meet standards [View Standards]

Build A Future Asset

Build a high quality database of valuable information and insights for the use of present and future researchers and audiences

Accelerate Digitisation

Increase the effectiveness of your digitisation projects

Collaborate & Share

Increase Your Reach

Enable online engagement with the public and maximise your impact


Share data and collaborate with the museum community to facilitate joint grants and funding

Get The Most Out Of Your Staff

Free up your staff’s time to focus on work that maximises their skills and expertise rather than on repetitive, low value tasks

Work Together

Facilitate better collaboration between departments through improved information sharing and workflows

Build Your Case

If you’re looking to make a case to invest in collections management at your institution, get some advice on how to build a business case here.