14 nov 2018

6 Qualities of Good Collections Management System Data

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The practices you should be following to keep your data in shape and keep your Collections Management System working efficiently Ben Doty, Software Training Consultant at Axiell Your organisation’s Collections Management System (CMS) is a tool; [...]

15 jul 2016

Cleaning it up and keeping it clean

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Tips for ensuring clean data entry and maintaining data standards Once you've wielded your enviable persuasive powers to charm colleagues into joining your data clean-up odyssey, assess the current data entry environment. What tools do you have [...]

15 jul 2016

Embracing the challenge

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Knowing where to start and setting achievable data goals Sometimes it may seem that people don’t care about data as much you do (but we love and appreciate them anyway!). As you embark on your [...]

15 jul 2016

Making a clean get away

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Maintaining clean, consistent data in your Collections Management System Maintaining clean, consistent data presents a challenge to the most dedicated of data entry aficionados. At the 2016 Axiell European User Group meeting, we [...]