20 jul 2017

What do I need to prepare to make optimal use of my Collections Management System?

By |2017-10-24T14:23:42+00:0020 juli 2017|Blog-post|

Technical and human resources requirements for working with your Axiell CMS 1. Network infrastructure This issue has normally been taken care of by your IT department. Axiell Hosting is the best solution if IT [...]

12 jan 2017

This Would Be Better If…

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Assessing Change Requests & Measuring Impact One of the delights about working alongside users is sharing in their excitement as they find ways to do things that they didn’t think were possible. It’s great to [...]

15 jul 2016

Cleaning it up and keeping it clean

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Tips for ensuring clean data entry and maintaining data standards Once you've wielded your enviable persuasive powers to charm colleagues into joining your data clean-up odyssey, assess the current data entry environment. What tools do you have [...]

15 jul 2016

Embracing the challenge

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Knowing where to start and setting achievable data goals Sometimes it may seem that people don’t care about data as much you do (but we love and appreciate them anyway!). As you embark on your [...]