Online Collections: How to Find the Perfect Balance Between Being Reactive & Thinking Long-Term

Online Collections Discussion Panel: How to Find the Perfect Balance Between Being Reactive & Thinking Long-Term

At this year’s Axiell LA Roadshow, we held a fascinating discussion panel on the subject of ‚online collections‘. Four experts, from institutions such as The Broad and The Getty, explored: harnessing social media, crowdsourcing, 3d scanning and where they think the field of online collections is going.

Here, the panellists discuss to what extent the often slow-moving world of museums should be aiming to keep up with technological innovation. How do institutions manage the differing timescales between preservation and presentation?

The panellists were: Rich Cherry, Principal, Modern Operations (Chair); Heather Hart, (formerly) Director of IT, The Broad; Julia Falkowski, (Formerly) Web and Interactive Media Producer, Balboa Park Online Collaborative; David Newbury, Enterprise Software Architect, J. Paul Getty Trust (@workergnome).

Please note, Julia and Heather have since moved on to new roles. Heather Hart is now Vice President of Information Technology at The Huntington, whilst Julia Falkowski is now Content Designer at Intuit.

Axiell Online Collections Discussion Panel at the North American Roadshow

Full Discussion Panel: Watch, Listen & Download Now

Recorded at Axiell’s LA Roadshow, hear some of 2018’s success stories and get expert insight on creating interactive experiences, whether you should be monetising your collection and what does ‘permanence’ mean for online collections?

Watch the full discussion panel here, or download and listen as a podcast

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