6 Feb 2018

Digitization Dashboard Interview: Janeen Jones, Field Museum

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Digitization Dashboard Interview: Janeen Jones, Assistant Collections Manager, Invertebrates & Database Admin for Collections, Field Museum Janeen discusses a solution to the question; how do you estimate the size of your undigitized collections? [...]

26 Jul 2017

Five things to consider before investing in a Collections Management System

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Choosing the right Collections Management software for the present and future 1. Does it comply with museum and archival standards? Various collections management standards and practices have been developed by the industry to ensure [...]

26 Jul 2017

Will a home-grown Collections Management System really save you money?

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  Seven mistakes to avoid when evaluating a build-your-own vs ready-made Collections Management System (CMS) Over the last 30 years we've seen numerous institutions seek to save on costs by building their own CMS only to [...]

7 Jun 2017

Digitisation Interview: Chezkie Kasnett, Digital Projects Manager, National Library of Israel

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Chezkie speaks about the National Library of Israel's approach to digitisation. He covers the challenges of prioritising digitisation between different collections, digitising special and unusual material and finding the right technology. He describes [...]

11 Mai 2016

Five strategies to unleash the power of collection management system data

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Museum treasure troves Museums have massive and growing troves of data in their collection management systems. Data is the foundation of collection knowledge. Massage it into information and you have a narrative that is compelling [...]