20 Fév 2018

Online Collections Trends Interview: Erin Canning, Community of Practice Coordinator

By |2018-02-21T09:00:15+00:0020 février 2018|Interview, Video|

Online Collections Trends Interview: Erin Canning, Community of Practice Coordinator Erin shares her insights into the biggest current challenges and opportunities for cultural institutions when sharing their collections online. Erin coordinates the Online [...]

6 Fév 2018

Digitization Dashboard Interview: Janeen Jones, Field Museum

By |2018-03-23T10:37:26+00:006 février 2018|Interview, Video|

Entretien avec Janeen Jones, Assistante Gestion des Collections d’Invertébrés & Administratrice de la base de données des Collections, Field Museum Janeen répond à la question : comment estimer la taille de vos collections [...]

12 Jan 2018

La gestion des collections en ligne : Interview de Michael Condiff, The Penn Museum.

By |2018-02-28T09:40:06+00:0012 janvier 2018|Interview, Video|

Michael explique comment le Penn Museum a considérablement augmenté son impact sur internet grâce à un éventail de tactiques numériques. Il parle de créer du contenu numérique, de réutiliser le contenu [...]

6 Juin 2017

Collections Move Interview: Malcolm Chapman, Head of Collections Management, The Hunterian

By |2017-06-07T07:54:25+00:006 juin 2017|Interview, Video|

Malcolm discusses The Hunterian's project to relocate collections to a multi-purpose storage and teaching facility. The aims of the move are to increase teaching and research use of the museum's collections and to improve [...]

6 Juin 2017

Digitisation Interview: Jonathan Ainsworth, Systems Team Officer, Leeds University

By |2017-06-07T07:54:29+00:006 juin 2017|Interview, Video|

Jonathan discusses a digitisation project to transcribe over 97,000 burial records to make them more accessible to researchers, academics and historians. Leeds University chose to outsource the transcription and Jonathan discusses the pros [...]

23 Mai 2017

Interview: Adrian Hine, Digitisation Manager, Science Museum Group

By |2017-06-06T10:00:48+00:0023 mai 2017|Interview, Video|

The Science Museum Group is moving 320,000 objects from their current location to a customised storage facility. Adrian Hine discusses challenges faced and how these are being tackled. He touches on innovative hazard management workflows and location [...]