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The centrepiece of an Axiell ALM solution is one of our full featured collections management systems: Adlib, Calm, EMu, Mimsy XG or Mobydoc

But our solutions involve much more than the provision of software. We provide all the services necessary for a successful implementation.

Our customers are collections management experts. They know what they need from a collections management system, and in selecting our products they have identified the world’s very best solutions for Archives, Libraries and Museums. For the most part their expertise does not extend to implementing a collections management software solution however.

Ours does.

Our expertise is reflected in the products we develop and it permeates all of our services. Over thirty years we have successfully implemented and supported collections management solutions for more than 3400 customers of all sizes, complexity and collection type.


When you select one of our products, we tailor a complete solution for you and guide you through the implementation from start to go-live. We work closely with you to understand your requirements; we design and build any additional features or functionality you require; we migrate any legacy data; we configure and implement a system that meets your requirements; we train your staff; and we support you:

  • We appoint a Project Manager (PM) to work with a customer in every implementation of our software. Our PM provides advice and guidance at each stage and ensures that the customer’s expectations are met and that the project is a success.

    Our PM is responsible for understanding your requirements and assisting with documenting a specification. They ensure that any customisation and development work meets requirements; that any legacy data is migrated accurately; that the system is implemented and configured appropriately and that it is thoroughly tested. They manage training of end-users and system administrators and, following a successful implementation, oversee a handover to our Support team.

Our full-featured collections management systems have evolved over three decades in consultation with customers and in compliance with industry standards and world’s best practice in collections management. Our software is designed to be highly configurable and many aspects can be tailored to an institution’s requirements with ease without requiring any customisation. Out-of-the-box, our software only required simple configuration to meet the needs of the majority of our more than 3400 customers. No customisation was necessary.

Institutions can have unique collection, policy and business requirements however and even the most comprehensive and configurable solution will not meet every need of every institution. Whether it is the data you collect or the functionality you require our products have been built to accommodate customisation whenever it is needed.

The modular design of our products ensures that customisations can be made quickly and inexpensively, and that 3rd party systems can be accommodated.

We provide an out-of-the-box web interface to your collection and this too is configurable and extensible (APIs are all open source) or a fully customised web interface to your collection can be designed, built and integrated with your existing website.

The majority of the more than 3400 implementations of our software over 30 years have involved migration of legacy data. We have migrated data from legacy systems of all sizes and complexity, from Excel spreadsheets and Access databases, bespoke systems running ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, Paradox, and so on, as well as commercial Collections Management systems such as:

  • TMS (Gallery Systems)
  • ARGUS (Questor Systems)
  • Past Perfect (Pastime Software Company)
  • SNAP (Willoughby Associates)
  • Re:discovery (Re:discovery Software Inc)
  • iBase online library
  • Modes for Windows and ModesXML

We understand the importance of an accurate and complete migration of data, and we know how to achieve this. We apply a rigorous and proven process to identify all legacy data sources and map each element of each data source to the appropriate place in our system. We impose an intensive testing regime before delivering a system to the customer for acceptance testing.

If your legacy data is more complex than anything we have dealt with in the last 30 years, we’d be thrilled by the challenge!

See Migration & Integration for more details.

Our software is highly configurable and has been able to meet the requirements of the majority of our more than 3400 customers without the need for customisation. Everything from security to reports to workflows can be tailored to your specific requirements with ease.

We configure all workflows, reports, exports, security privileges and more, providing you with a system that meets your requirements and is ready for use.

Our products are supported with proven training material, delivered by experienced trainers, and comprehensive Help documentation available at the click of a button.

Our training courses and workshops have been run successfully in all implementations of our products. Courses are designed for beginners through to advanced users, volunteer staff through to collection managers, in-house API developers through to System Administrators. We train on-site and from many of our offices.

Our products are provided with comprehensive documentation and context-sensitive online Help for users and System Administrators.

See Training for more details.

Axiell ALM Support is handled in-house by a team of IT professionals, tertiary qualified and trained in all aspects of our systems. Our Support staff work alongside our developers and have access to our developers’ technical expertise to solve any complex issues quickly, efficiently and accurately. With 24 offices located throughout Europe, North America, Australasia and the Middle East, and a growing presence in Asia, we have the people on the ground supporting our customers wherever they are located.

Our offices are distributed across many time zones and we are uniquely positioned to offer support virtually 24 hours each working day: although a support request is typically managed by a local Support team, if an urgent request comes in outside local business hours, our staff in another time zone will be available to help.

We use a web-based ticketing system for support. Customers are able to log in and view the status of all outstanding tickets, review the entire conversation history and update a ticket.

You are collections management experts and your time and resources are best expended managing collections, not maintaining hardware and software and networks on which your Collections Management System (CMS) runs.

We can host the CMS for you.

We are able to provide and manage the infrastructure to run your system securely, reducing infrastructure and staffing costs, leaving you to do what you do best: managing collections.

When we host your CMS, we:

  • Manage the back-up of your data.
  • Take care of upgrades, ensuring that your system is always up to date.
  • Run professional grade hardware in a secure datacentre.
  • Provide secure access to your CMS from any web connection.
  • Ensure you always have enough storage space.

Operation of the hosted CMS is covered by a Service Level Agreement.

See Hosting & Servers for more details.

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