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Data Services, Integration & Workflow

We’ve taken more than 3400 customers through the process of migrating to one of our systems and then worked with them to develop and improve their systems and processes over time.

We can provide consultancy to help you design your requirements, or services to meet your needs.

Data Migration

We are data migration experts. We will work with you to migrate any existing data and configure it so it is usable in your new system.

Learn more about data migration here.

Data Cleaning

No one has perfect data… If left unchecked, bad data can cripple the functionality of a system, and frustrate its users both internally and online. Making your data work for you requires controlling what goes in, and knowing how to clean it up once it’s there. We provide data cleaning services to ensure you can get the value out of your collections systems.

Systems Integration

If you want your collections management systems to integrate with other 3rd party solutions, we can manage integration through our 3rd party APIs.

Workflow Development

If you need to create workflows, either for day-to-day management or specific projects, we can use our experience with other customers to help you build useful and effective workflows.

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