Infographic: Leveraging Volunteers and Crowdsourcing for Digitisation


This infographic identifies the current and future strategies of museums and archives using volunteers and crowdsourcing to support their digitisation plans.

Over 100 Museums and Archives from around the world took part in research conducted by MCN and Axiell.

See how your institution compares to others when using volunteers and crowdsourcing for digitisation. 30% of respondents have less than 10% of their collections digitised; 80% agree that volunteers represent a significant opportunity to support their digitisation efforts; but over 85% believe the time investment required to leverage volunteers is a challenge.

Download the full Infographic here.

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This survey was run as part of research for a free detailed report: Digitising Collections: Getting Ahead With Volunteers & Crowdsourcing.

This report explores the current digitisation strategies of today’s collections management organisations, drawing on the views of more than 100 professionals working in museums, archives, galleries and other collections institutions.

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