Ondersteuning en langetermijnrelaties2017-04-19T15:59:13+00:00

Ondersteuning en langetermijnrelaties

We ondersteunen al meer dan 30 jaar lang archieven, bibliotheken en musea

Our first EMu customer was Melbourne Museum in 1983. The Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam adopted Adlib to manage its museum and library collections in 1985. The first version of Mimsy XG was implemented at the University of Alberta (Museums and Collections Services) and at the Canadian International Development Agency’s Photo Library in 1994. Calm for Archives was first implemented in the UK at Hampshire and Suffolk Record Offices in 1995.

All remain customers to this day.

We forge long term relationships with our customers. We meet their needs now, we anticipate where collections management is heading and we innovate. Our customers invest in us, and we honour that investment by keeping our solutions relevant in an ever-changing collections management environment.

Take a look at our client list and you will discover numerous new clients alongside those who have been with us for decades [view client list]. Institutions become our customers because our collections management solutions are the very best available today; they remain customers because our solutions adapt to emerging technologies and keep pace with evolving practices in collections management.

With its mix of long term and new customers our client list is testament to the continuous evolution of our solutions and our commitment to building long term relationships.