The Geological Survey of Austria


An online goldmine of geological information Situated in a beautiful neighbourhood in the heart of old Vienna, it is known as the geological conscience of Austria. The library is crammed with more than 350,000 yellowing books, hand drawn maps, letters, journals and theses, some dating back to before 1849, the year the Geological Survey [...]

London Natural History Museum


London Natural History Museum Darwin and the Digital Evolution The statue of Charles Darwin, father of evolution, at the Natural History Museum in London is a fitting symbol of much that is ongoing at the museum. A great deal of the intensive activity is happening behind the scenes, out of view of the more [...]

Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale


Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale Larry Gall, Head, Computer Systems Office; Informatics Manager, Entomology I found the company to be extremely approachable, and that is a very important consideration, it was actually one of our key components when we were doing the RFP originally. The staff seemed to have a particular [...]