8 jun 2017

Digital Asset Management Interview: Stephen McConnachie, Head of Data, BFI

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Stephen discusses the BFI's approach to digital asset management. The BFI uses its CMS in conjunction with a digital preservation system to manage born digital moving image assets and moving image assets digitised [...]

9 feb 2017

Interview: Anna Stolyarova, Museum Director of the Street Art Museum Amsterdam

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Saving Street Art For Future Generations HOW DID YOUR FOUNDATION GET STARTED? Since Banksy became popular, people have started taking street art more seriously. These days they even put it in museums. Recently, a new [...]

28 jul 2016

Video Case Study: BFI’s Britain on Film: Deepening The Film Map With Crowdsourced Data

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Stephen McConnachie, Head of Data Collections & Information at the British Film Institute, presents lessons learned during a recent crowdsourcing project Speaking at the European Axiell User Conference 2016, on 2-3 June, at the Museum of Science [...]

4 aug 2015

Axiell solution to manage entire audiovisual collection for The Cinémathèque québécoise

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Axiell, the number one supplier of collections management technology globally, is pleased to announce that the Cinémathèque québécoise in Montréal has selected Adlib as its collections management software. Toronto, Canada & Stockholm, Sweden, August 4 [...]