14 feb 2017

Infographic: Leveraging Volunteers and Crowdsourcing for Digitisation

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 This infographic identifies the current and future strategies of museums and archives using volunteers and crowdsourcing to support their digitisation plans.Over 100 Museums and Archives from around the world took part in research conducted [...]

14 feb 2017

Industry Report: Using Volunteers & Crowdsourcing To Support Digitisation In Museums & Archives

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  Digitising Collections: Leveraging Volunteers & Crowdsourcing to Accelerate Digitisation This report focusses on how different institutions leverage crowdsourcing and volunteers, the challenges they face and the strategies they are implementing. It explores the current digitisation [...]

9 feb 2017

Interview: Anna Stolyarova, Museum Director of the Street Art Museum Amsterdam

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Saving Street Art For Future Generations HOW DID YOUR FOUNDATION GET STARTED? Since Banksy became popular, people have started taking street art more seriously. These days they even put it in museums. Recently, a new [...]

27 okt 2016

Survey: Leveraging Volunteers and Crowdsourcing To Improve Collections Data

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Take the survey to contribute to our next industry trend report To what degree is your institution leveraging volunteers and crowdsouricng to improve your collections data? Take the survey now In conjunction with MCN, we're building an [...]