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Hosting & Servers

You choose how your solution is hosted

Hosted Service

We can fully host your application in our own data centre and manage the server hardware, networks, operating systems, data backup and disaster recovery planning.

Hosting your solution is the easiest way to get up and running with your system and removes the hassle of managing servers and hosting in-house.

Learn more about hosting here.

APA Hosting

If you need your data in on-site servers but don’t have large in-house resources to manage them, we can provide cost-effective high speed servers that sit in your buildings. We manage the hardware, backups, and disaster recovery, while you retain control of the network.

APA hosting can improve the performance of your collections management system and could save thousands on your annual server costs. Learn more here.

Self Hosted

If you already have IT infrastructure in place, our applications can be hosted on your servers and you will retain full control of backups, support, operating systems and the network.

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