Our Solutions Involve More Than Provision Of Software

We provide all services necessary for a successful implementation

Our customers are collections management experts. They know what they need from a collections management system, and in selecting our products they have identified the world’s very best solutions for Archives, Libraries and Museums. For the most part their expertise does not extend to implementing a collections management software solution however.

Ours does.

Over thirty years we have successfully implemented and supported collections management solutions for more than 3400 customers of all sizes, complexity and collection type.

1. Consultation

We work with each customer to understand their needs and discuss options for customisation, hosting, support and implementation.

2. Project Management

We appoint a Project Manager (PM) to work with a customer in every implementation of our software. Our PM provides advice and guidance at each stage and ensures that each customer’s expectations are met and that the project is a success.

3. Configuration

We configure all workflows, reports, exports, security privileges and more, providing each customer with a system that meets their requirements and is ready for use.

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4. Implementation

When a customer is ready to implement, our team manage the implementation process from start to finish.

5. Hosting & Servers

We have a range of hosting solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

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6. Training

To ensure that each customer gets the most out of their new system, we provide training upon implementation and ongoing.

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7. Support

Once the system is live our customers have full support and access to our support resources, documentation and help.

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8. Updates & New Implementations

As collections needs change, we work with our customers to ensure that systems and processes change to meet current needs.

9. Additional Projects

Once you’re up and running with your system, we can work with you to achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking to increase engagement with your collections, planning a collections move or looking to accelerate your digitisation, we can help you find technology solutions from our existing product portfolio, or build new technology to your specifications.

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