We Don’t Have A One Size Fits All Approach

We do have solutions that suit most requirements large and small


Simple, Off-The-Shelf Solutions

Affordable solutions, perfect for those who don’t have large in-house technical resources or large budgets; we can supply simple solutions with all the standard functionality.


Comprehensive Solutions With Customisable Features

Systems which give you all the functionality you need plus the flexibility to customise your views, layouts and fields. This means you can adapt your system without having a technical background or large development budgets.


Sophisticated Solutions Tailored To Your Specific Needs

If you want sophisticated systems and have established processes and workflows, we can tailor our comprehensive solutions around how you manage and use your collections.

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“The new system paid off in a year, despite numerous customised solutions.”

Els Alebregtse, VWS Library, The Hague

The Cost Of Your System Depends On Your Requirements

Talk to us about your needs and we will put together a quote to suit your collections and meet your requirements and budget

Size Of Collection

Number Of Users

Functionality Required

Level Of Support

Hosting Requirements

Training Requirements

Data Quality

Number Of Data Sources

Project Management


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