Imperial War Museums


Tom Smith, Imperial War Museums Tom, Collections Systems Manager at IWM, talks about the conservation of objects, from the small and simple to the incredibly large and complicated, like HMS Belfast. Tom discusses the role of Axiell Collections and other Axiell solutions at IWM, the challenges of conservation and the continuous learning process. [...]

The Geological Survey of Austria


An online goldmine of geological information Situated in a beautiful neighbourhood in the heart of old Vienna, it is known as the geological conscience of Austria. The library is crammed with more than 350,000 yellowing books, hand drawn maps, letters, journals and theses, some dating back to before 1849, the year the Geological Survey [...]

National Historical Museums, Sweden


Wilhelm Lagercrantz, Digital Strategy / Chief Digital Officer, National Historical Museums Sweden: Transforming Collection Data A lot of museums think they are so unique, instead of trying to find a common ground with other museums. The idea now is to move away from a tailor-made system and instead move into a system that [...]

Wiens tekniska museum


Wiens tekniska museum Transparens, delning och samarbete – Wiens tekniska museum öppnar upp sin föremåls- och arkivdatabas Ett samlingsarkiv dolt bakom stängda dörrar och endast tillgängligt för en utvald grupp av experter är nu historia när det gäller Wiens tekniska museum. MED ONLINESÖKNINGEN KAN DU HITTA SKATTER FRÅN TEKNIKENS HISTORIA Från januari [...]

Dutch Ministry of Health, Wellfare and Sport


Dutch Ministry of Health, Wellfare and Sport Keeping the Ministry on the Right Page On the 14th floor of an office tower at the heart of the Hague’s political district, Ronald Loeff and Els Alebregtse are on the hunt for fresh insights. As information experts at the special library for the Dutch [...]