21 Oct 2018

Online Collections: 5 Things the Experts Find Interesting

By |2019-01-21T10:50:43+00:0021 October 2018|Interview, Video|

Online Collections Discussion Panel: 5 Things the Experts Find InterestingAt this year's Axiell LA Roadshow, we held a fascinating discussion panel on the subject of 'online collections'. Four experts, from institutions such as The [...]

20 Feb 2018

Online Collections Trends Interview: Erin Canning, Community of Practice Coordinator

By |2018-02-20T16:30:05+00:0020 February 2018|Interview, Video|

Online Collections Trends Interview: Erin Canning, Community of Practice Coordinator Erin shares her insights into the biggest current challenges and opportunities for cultural institutions when sharing their collections online. Erin coordinates the Online [...]

12 Jan 2018

Online Collections Engagement Interview: Michael Condiff, The Penn Museum

By |2018-01-12T15:38:48+00:0012 January 2018|Interview, Video|

Michael shares how the Penn Museum have significantly increased their online reach through a range of digital tactics. He speaks about creating digital content, and repurposing non-digtial content for online use [...]

6 Jun 2017

Collections Move Interview: Malcolm Chapman, Head of Collections Management, The Hunterian

By |2017-06-06T23:33:42+00:006 June 2017|Interview, Video|

Malcolm discusses The Hunterian's project to relocate collections to a multi-purpose storage and teaching facility. The aims of the move are to increase teaching and research use of the museum's collections and to improve [...]

6 Jun 2017

Digitisation Interview: Jonathan Ainsworth, Systems Team Officer, Leeds University

By |2017-06-06T23:16:37+00:006 June 2017|Interview, Video|

Jonathan discusses a digitisation project to transcribe over 97,000 burial records to make them more accessible to researchers, academics and historians. Leeds University chose to outsource the transcription and Jonathan discusses the pros [...]

14 Feb 2017

Industry Report: Using Volunteers & Crowdsourcing To Support Digitisation In Museums & Archives

By |2017-07-24T16:35:18+00:0014 February 2017|Report|

Digitising Collections: Leveraging Volunteers & Crowdsourcing to Accelerate Digitisation This report focusses on how different institutions leverage crowdsourcing and volunteers, the challenges they face and the strategies they are implementing. It explores the current digitisation strategies [...]