13 Nov 2018

Online Collections: How to Find the Perfect Balance Between Being Reactive & Thinking Long-Term

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Online Collections Discussion Panel: How to Find the Perfect Balance Between Being Reactive & Thinking Long-TermAt this year's Axiell LA Roadshow, we held a fascinating discussion panel on the subject of 'online collections'. Four [...]

5 Jul 2017

IF (digitisation, culture) INSERT ‘AND’ instead of ‘VERSUS’

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines digitisation as the conversation of text, pictures or sound into a digital form that can be processed by a computer. The word refers to a process of transforming something that’s analogue [...]

27 Oct 2016

Survey: Leveraging Volunteers and Crowdsourcing To Improve Collections Data

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Take the survey to contribute to our next industry trend report To what degree is your institution leveraging volunteers and crowdsouricng to improve your collections data? Take the survey now In conjunction with MCN, we're building an [...]

11 May 2016

5 strategies to unleash the power of collection management system data

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Museum treasure troves Museums have massive and growing troves of data in their collection management systems. Data is the foundation of collection knowledge. Massage it into information and you have a narrative that is compelling [...]